Importance of a Pregnancy Photoshoot 

pregnancy photoshoot with a child

Why Should You Do A Pregnancy Photoshoot?

Pregnancy photoshoots are an important part of your maternity journey. To do or not to do a pregnancy photoshoot? This is a dilemma many expectant mothers have, especially introverts. However, there are several benefits of a pregnancy photoshoot. 

The pregnancy photoshoot is a great reminder of your pregnancy journey. You will miss the baby bump, but you can preserve this beautiful experience in your maternity photos. You will look at these photos later in life and remember the joys and the pain. Your child will also cherish these photos. Click here for prenatal photoshoots in Singapore for mums-to-be.

If you are contemplating whether to have a pregnancy photoshoot or not, this article will give you an idea of what you will gain from the photoshoot. More importantly, you will have a glimpse of what you will miss should you miss out on a maternity photoshoot. 

Capture The Moment. 

Although nine months feels like a lifetime, you will miss it. The pregnancy photoshoot is a chance for you to document your feelings, experiences, and appearance during this time. 

As you focus on raising your child, your memory of your pregnancy will start to fade, or at least. Having your pregnancy photos on display will always serve as a reminder.

Introduce Your Child to The Pregnancy Journey. 

Children tend to be curious. They will ask questions about their origin and how you looked when you carried him in your tummy. The photos are a great way of answering your child’s questions. Additionally, when your child sees the pregnancy photos, he will be more connected with the pregnancy. 

The Photoshoot Will Reveal Your Beauty. 

Pregnancy can be a rollercoaster. One day you are feeling great about it. The next day you are overwhelmed by the changes in your body. Many pregnant women focus on how they feel and not on how they look. Others assume they are not attractive. 

The pregnancy photoshoot is an awesome time to dress up and see how great you look. Despite the swollen feet, backache, and discomfort, this may be the silver lining you need to feel good about your pregnancy. 

The Photos are a Great Way To Involve Your Partner. 

Fathers often take a back seat in the pregnancy. They may not experience the same joys and challenges that expectant mothers do. However, they want to feel like they are a part of the journey. 

The pregnancy photoshoot Singapore is a great way to include your partner in the pregnancy. Discuss with him the poses, what to wear, and where to have the photo session. 

It Is a Chance For a Professional Photoshoot.

When was the last time you had a professional photographer take your photos? If it has been a while, your pregnancy photoshoot is a great time to have a professional take your photos. 

A professional maternity photographer will identify your good sides, guide you on the poses that will flatter your pregnancy, and get angles you may have missed had you taken the photos yourself. 


You have a lot to gain from a pregnancy photoshoot. The photographer, location, and style you choose will determine if you enjoy the photoshoot or not. When you think of the reasons behind the photoshoot, you will have an awesome time and even cherish your pregnancy memories.

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Are Baby Lotions Safe For Newborns?

Baby smooth hand touching mom
Baby smooth hand touching mom

Baby’s Skincare Is Important

As a new mom, taking care of your baby is at the top of your priority. This is why you are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that your baby is healthy. 

As you know, taking care of a baby involves more than feeding him regularly and ensuring that he is comfortable. Taking care of the skin of a baby is also important. 

Many Pediatricians have pointed out that newborns have delicate skin that is prone to dryness and irritation. Long baths, prolonged exposure to dry air, and a few other factors can cause dryness and other skin issues. 

To address this issue, you have to use a product that can moisturize the skin of your baby. 

While there are a lot of options out there, many new moms are sceptical about applying skincare products to their newborns. If this describes you, this article is for you. Read on to learn if baby lotions are safe for newborns. 

How Safe Are Baby Lotions? 

Baby lotions is an excellent product that many paediatricians recommend because it is effective and help address a couple of skin issues common in babies. Since baby lotion protects the skin of newborns, it is regarded as a safe product. 

When Can I Start Using Baby Lotion? 

When babies are born, they are covered with a substance known as vermix. Besides moisturizing the skin, vermix helps protect the skin of babies from amniotic fluid. 

As the Vernix wears off after birth, the skin of a newborn may become dry and flax. What’s more, it will become vulnerable to dryness and irritation. This is where baby lotion comes in. 

Applying baby lotion a couple of days after the birth of your newborn; will help ensure that his skin remains hydrated, smooth, and soft. 

Choosing A Baby Lotion For Your Newborn 

Presently, there are different types of baby lotion offered in the Singaporean market. While some of them are great and can deliver amazing results, others aren’t that effective. What’s more, they may cause more skin issues for your baby. 

Below are some safety tips that will guide you when choosing a baby lotion. 

Harmful Chemicals 

Pick a mild lotion made specifically for babies and is free from harmful chemicals that may cause irritation. 

Below are some harmful ingredients you should be on the lookout for when choosing a baby lotion. 

  • Organically Extracted plant oils. 
  •  Parabens
  •  Preservatives 
  •  Phthalates 
  •  Perfume 
  • Phenoxyethanol 

Follow The Recommendation Of Your Paediatrician

Before buying any skincare product for your baby, you should consult a paediatrician. These experts have years of experience under their belt, and they know what works and what doesn’t. 

The Next Best Alternative 

If for some reason, you don’t want to use baby lotion on your newborn, you should use olive oil or paediatrician-recommended petroleum jelly and Vitamin A to D cream.  

Final Note 

The bottom line here is that lotions are safe and can be applied to newborns. Since baby lotions in Singapore are recommended by many paediatricians, you can be confident that they won’t cause any harm to your child. 

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Best Creams For Eczema In The Market

Baby wrapped in purple blanket
Baby wrapped in purple blanket

What Are The Type Of Eczema Creams In Singapore?

There are different products available in the market for the treatment of eczema in kids. As per the scientific research 2017, you cannot have a single cure for the issue, rather one can come across a number of remedies for the issue.

Parents always prefer something for their kids that offer a quick and speedy cure. They also intend to find something whose impact is long-lasting. The article explains some known creams available in the market that can be best suited for curing eczema of the skin.

The Best Therapy Moisturizing Cream For Your Baby:

These creams are known for containing oatmeal as one of the key ingredients. Apart from this, some other known components include water as well as glycerine. As per the company’s statement, these creams are devoid of:

  • artificial colouring
  • phthalates
  • synthetic fragrances, &
  • parabens

The Calendula Moisturizing Cream For Babies:

This cream has calendula as the key ingredient that contains glycerol. As per the statement by the company, this cream is free from:

  • all petroleum-derived products
  • any synthetic fragrances
  • any harsh chemicals

The Available Eczema Relief Body Cream:

This specific product is also made with oatmeal as one of the ingredients. The other key components are glycerine, water and colloidal oatmeal. The manufacturer claim that the product is free of:

  • all types of artificial colourings
  • all types of synthetic products or fragrances
  • all sort of steroids

The moisturizing cream for The Baby:

Since the cream offers good moisturising for the body, thus it is made in petroleum products along with water. Apart from these glycerol is also one of the key ingredients. The cream is free of the following:

  • Any gluten in the ingredients
  • Ay synthetic fragrances
  • any lanolin
  • any artificial colouring

The best Therapy cream for eczema in kids:

This cream is approved by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration for babies, adults as well as children. It contains ingredients that are natural and has been taken from New Zealand. Other active ingredients in this case are honey, colloidal oatmeal and another healing balm. You should avoid using the product on the skin of the baby below 3 years of age. The cream is said to be free of:

  • any synthetic chemical products
  • any synthetic fragrancies
  • any steroids

Another colloidal oatmeal cream for eczema:

This cream is also known as dove eczema for babies. The company claims that the product is safe to use and has no such harmful components like:

  • artificial colourings
  • phthalates
  • steroids
  • synthetic fragrances
  • parabens
  • steroids
  • sulfates

The skin-soothing cream for eczema:

This is yet another skin-soothing cream that is made up of six ingredients. All components of this cream are natural containing honey, natural oils, water and beeswax. The product is also devoid of all artificial additives and genetic modifications. 

Eczema cream made in Honey:

This cream also moisturizes skin and is made with cocoa butter, water, natural oils and beeswax. The product is free of:

  • parabens
  • sulfates
  • mineral oil
  • synthetic fragrances
  • alcohol

One can find many baby creams for eczema in the market, you need to do proper research before making the final decision.

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How to Use Baby Play Mats for Each Developmental Stage

baby play mat

Babies go through various milestones as they grow. While these development stages come naturally, some babies achieve them faster than others when they have the right support system. Many occupational and physical therapists recommend using baby play mats because they offer a range of developmental benefits to babies. 

Improved visual perception

Most baby playmats are colourful and often, different from the rest of the house. Introducing the baby to something unique to his or her surrounding helps with visual identity. Newborns notice everything around them, including new things that are added to the room they frequently occupy. 

Since newborns reflexively grab things, you can place them on the mat to see if your child can easily identify the stuff you put on the mat for him to grasp. This is a great technique to use when training your baby to hold objects within easy reach. 

When they are comfortable playing on the play mat, babies can easily learn about cause and effect. For example, if they grasp a bunch of keys and wiggle it, babies immediately notice the movement. Over time, this will become something the baby enjoys doing, especially when he plays on the baby mat. 

Babies quickly develop self-awareness.

When they are in their own space, babies explore their environment even more, and in the process, they discover themselves. They realize that they need to stretch a little more to grasp something that is slightly further away. Some even start crawling because they have the chance to attempt to reach out and grasp toys that have been left on the baby playmat. 

Development of gross motor skills

Development of gross motor skills is critical for babies because they will need them as they grow up. Gross motor skills focus on the movement of the body’s large muscles, primarily those of the legs, arms, and torso. 

These muscles are critical for everyday movements and activities, and parents are encouraged to help their babies develop gross motor skills. Without well-developed gross motor movements, kids cannot perform well in school because writing and playing activities are a challenge. 

For example, kids with poor gross motor skills have trouble climbing and jumping. The baby play mats in Singapore encourage babies to explore movements, which ultimately help develop gross motor skills. 

Supervised tummy time for stronger muscles

When babies are allowed to spend time on baby play mats Singapore, especially when they get to the age where they can comfortably lie on the stomach. As they lie on their tummies, babies strengthen their neck, arms and back muscles. 

This prepares them adequately for future milestones, such as rolling, crawling, and walking. A strong neck is important for supporting the jaw, which ultimately helps babies chew and talk adequately. 

Baby play mats are quite versatile. They are light and portable, so it easy to move around the house and outdoors, depending on where the baby will be spending much of the time. It is also easy to clean, so you need not worry about it getting dirty. 

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Steps to Follow When Trimming a Newborn’s Nails

trimming baby nails

As a parent, your responsibilities go beyond ensuring your baby is clean, fed and content. You also need to keep him or her safe. You baby’s nails, small as they are, can be the cause of pain if they are left to grow uncontrolled. Newborns already have long nails at birth, and like other parts of their bodies, the growth will be rapid during the first few months after birth. 

You will need a good nail trimmer for babies to help you keep the nails short. Since the fingernails grow quickly, you may need to set aside time for trimming, at least twice a week, while the toenails may need to be trimmed once a week. 

Use an emery board the first few weeks after birth.

Even though the baby is born with long nails, they are pretty soft, so you may only need to use an emery board specially made for newborns. Emery boards for filing a newborn’s nails are usually quite soft and small, so you need not worry about hurting your baby’s sensitive skin. If your newborn’s nails are too soft, you may not need to use baby nail clippers or scissors yet. An emery board is all you need to keep the nails short. 

However, if your newborn’s nails are too thin, it might be a good idea to start using a baby nail trimmer from the get-go instead. Ensure you get nail clippers that are specific for baby nails. They usually have a curved edge to ensure you don’t accidentally nip your baby’s skin. 

Prepare for the nail trim.

Preparing to trim your newborn’s nails is similar to every other preparation you need to make when it comes to grooming. For example, what do you do every time you prepare your baby for a bath? You need to figure out what needs to be in place before using the baby nail trimmer. 

Babies hardly ever stay still when their nails are being trimmed. The sudden movements have many parents spooked about the possibility of nipping the baby’s skin while cutting the nails. If this is a challenge, you can consider cutting the nails when the baby is asleep. If you are concerned about the baby awakening too soon, you can still clip the nails while the baby is awake, but you should instead pick the best time to do it. 

Find a distraction 

Babies are easily distracted, especially if they discover something fascinating. Observe your infant so that you identify things that get his or her attention. You can also use someone the baby is familiar with to help distract the baby as you work on the nails. You can do this by sitting the bay on your lap but facing away from you. This way, he or she can keep looking at the distraction as you work on the nails. 

With the baby distracted, you can firmly start working on one finger at a time. Hold the finger firmly, press the flesh under the nail to make it stick out, then gently cut the nail. Repeat the process on all the nails. 

Like with everything else they discover as they grow, babies will get used to the nail trimmer. You only need to be patient and ensure your child doesn’t develop a negative attitude towards nail clipping. How you trim your newborn’s nails will influence how well he responds to this part of grooming. So, you need to ensure the process is seamless, and that the baby remains calm as you work. 

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Everything You Need to Know about Trimming Your Baby’s Nails

baby hand in adult hand

For most parents, especially those having a baby for the first time, nail clippers do not feature in the shopping list. First-time parents are not the only ones who overlook the purchase of a baby nail trimmer in Singapore. Even veteran parents helping new parents prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy hardly remember to add nail clippers in the list of things to buy.

Why is nail trimming necessary for a newborn?

At the time of birth, most babies already have long nails. You are likely to trim the nails in the first two weeks. Otherwise, the baby will soon start leaving marks all over his face. Babies tend to scratch their faces because they have no control of the way their hands move.

Until they have greater control of their motor skills, infants will always leave scratches on their faces if their nails are not trimmed frequently. While the damage is often superficial, babies can scratch too close to their eyes. To avoid unnecessary damage to a baby’s sensitive skin or the eyes, you should keep your baby’s nails short.

How often should you clip your baby’s nails?

Did you know a newborn’s fingernails grow by a whopping 0.1mm a day? So, you are likely to find yourself trimming your baby’s nails more than once a week. Toenails do not grow as fast, but they too need regular trimming.

Since newborns are often in mittens, some parents assume they are safe from scratching their faces, so they don’t need frequent nail trimming. However, mittens often come off unexpectedly because babies wiggle a lot. The potential risk on your baby’s delicate skin remains high as long as your baby’s nails are not trimmed. It is best to remain observant and keep trimming the nails as often as possible.

Can you bite your baby’s nails instead?

No, you shouldn’t consider biting your baby’s nails in place of a baby nail trimmer. Even when your baby wiggles a lot as you try to trim the nails, it is best to find ways to get your baby to relax during grooming instead of looking for easier alternatives, such as nail-biting.

Your mouth has germs, and you risk transferring them to your baby’s fingers if you opt for nail-biting as a solution for the long nails. Your mouth is also much larger than the baby’s nails, so you will not see what you are doing. You risk biting your baby’s finger if you cannot see what you are doing. Nail clippers remain the safest option for maintaining your baby’s nails.

You should also avoid tearing your baby’s nails because they are soft. You could easily tear the nail too close to the skin, and this can be quite painful. Additionally, baby’ nails harden as they grow. So, unless you keep track of the changes, you may assume the nail is still soft enough for a fine tear, but you may end up with ragged edges that could still hurt your baby’s skin. Since your baby has no control over the movement of his or her hands, you could also end up with some scratches.

Grooming your baby’s nails may seem like a tedious task, but much like everything else to do with the baby, you get used to it. Instead of focusing on how hard It is, you should figure out how best to make it easier. You can choose to trim the nails as the baby sleeps or when the baby is most relaxed, such as after a bath or meal.

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Why Singaporean Parents Should Consider Introducing Their Kids to Game Puzzles

It is common that every parent wants to improve the physical, social, and cognitive skills of their kids. This explains why a lot of parents in Singapore sign their kids up for enrichment classes or hire private tutors to teach their kids.

But do you know that there is another way to improve your kid’s cognitive ability without spending a small fortune? According to some studies that were conducted a while back, puzzles are educational and can help kids develop faster.

Research suggests that when kids work with puzzles their entire brain is activated. This, in turn, will enhance their problem-solving skill and mental development.

If you are new to puzzles, you may be doubtful about how effective they are. 

Well, if you are in this boat, then you need to keep in mind that several studies have shown that they work wonders for kids and adults alike.

The following article by Jennifer Mc Donnow sheds light on some benefits of puzzles for kids.

The Benefits of Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles are great for adults and children alike, but when it comes to child development, it turns out that they are not just something fun to do on a rainy afternoon; they are also highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Whether it’s a toddler trying to find the right shaped block to fit in the correct hole, or teenagers playing computer games online, solving puzzles is an activity that needs to be encouraged and promoted. Read more here.

The above article is indeed an eye-opener as it unveils how game puzzles can improve the problem-solving skill of kids of any age. The article also explains how puzzles can improve hand-eye coordination, especially in little kids. If you want your kids to get the most out of game puzzles, you should be present when they play with it.

The following article by GalTime explains why parents should do puzzle games with their kids.

Importance of Doing Puzzles with Your Kids

While the traditional jigsaw puzzle is a reliable option, below is a brief list of other available puzzles. You should be able to easily find one that meets your family’s needs and interests. When any child or adult works with puzzles, the right brain and left-brain are both engaged, which is when our brains are most active. Read more here.

The above article is a must-read for parents who are new to puzzles, as it unveiled some of the best game puzzles on the market like word search, logic puzzles, crossword, and so on. The article dug deep into how game puzzles can help improve the cognitive, social, and problem-solving ability of kids. The next article brings to light some amazing puzzles that can teach your kids a thing or two about strategic thinking and logic.

The following article by Harmonylearning shed light on some puzzles and games that can improve your kid’s problem-solving skill.

Puzzles & Games That Teach Logic & Problem Solving

Why teach problem-solving skills to youngsters? Logic and problem-solving skills are critical for a fulfilling life, both in academics and career, but also for general well-beingTeaching children to be assertive in appropriate ways, negotiate conflict, and how to problem solve can be so much fun. Read more here.

After reading the above article, you surely now know that the children are super active and creative, especially at age 4. You also now know some amazing puzzle games for kids of all ages like scavenger hunt, tower building, save the egg and Noughts and crosses.

Final note

Studies have shown that puzzles games offer a lot of benefits to kids and adults alike. While playing a puzzle game, the left and right sides of your kid’s brain are engaged. This, in turn, will improve his physical and cognitive ability. 

To ensure that your kids get the most out of puzzle games, you have to be present while they play. Your encouragement and emotional support can prevent them from becoming upset or angry when they can solve a difficult puzzle.

While you have the freedom to pick any puzzle game for your kids, you need to keep in mind that not all of them are great. 

It is best you should pick from popular puzzle games like- jigsaw, scavenger hunt, and tower building, as they are fun and educative.

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Best Game Puzzles for Kids

Do you live in Singapore? Are you a parent? Are you looking for a puzzle game that will improve the problem-solving skills of your little one? If you answered yes to these questions, this article is for you.

As you likely know, the market is flooded with different types of fancy toys that can wow kids of different ages. But do you know that a regular wooden puzzle is somewhat better than many of these high-end toys?

Research suggests that classic puzzles can improve the problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and logical reasoning skills of kids of different ages.

A good puzzle will keep your kid busy for hours.

Note that not all puzzle games on the market will be perfect for your kid. So before making a final decision, it is wise that you first consider the age and the unique needs of your child.

The following article by Jon Gugala unveils the best brain-building puzzles for toddlers, babies, and kids.

The Best Brain-Building Puzzles for Babies, Toddlers, and kids.

Despite a shiny, glittering array of new-fangled toys that promise to get your kid on a bioengineering career track before kindergarten, a good-old wooden puzzle for toddlers has as much STEM-boosting potential as any of them. Clever and classic puzzles for babies and toddlers build foundational skills and segue perfectly into more complex puzzles for older kids. Read more here.

Surely, you now know some of the best puzzles for babies and toddlers such as Dana large neon rainbow, Green toys dump truck puzzle, fishbowl fill & Safari wooden animal puzzle, weather dress-up puzzle by plan toys, and spill toy by Melissa and Doug. If you are skeptical about buying any of them or aren’t really sure if they will work, you should read the next article carefully.

The following article by Janice Davis explains why puzzles are important, especially for little kids.


From early childhood right through to adulthood we love to play with puzzles. We like the way they challenge our thinking and exercise our minds. Puzzles are also an important educational learning tool for toddlers and young children as they provide many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities. Read more here.

You will definitely agree that the above article is informative and a must-read for new parents. The article brought to light some benefits of puzzle games for kids. As can be seen in the article, puzzle games can boost a child’s self-esteem and confidence. But do you know the best time to introduce your kids to puzzle games? Read the next article to learn more.

The following article by Michelle Manno discusses how game puzzles benefit kids of different ages.

The Benefits of Puzzles in Early Childhood Development

People have long known that puzzles present many benefits for children as they develop. Children usually start out with simple knobbed puzzles that are outlines of simple shapes that fit into corresponding board cutouts. From there they go to more complex silhouettes of real world objects that take more consideration. Read more here.

After reading the above article, you likely now have a picture of the benefits that puzzle games offers to kids of different ages. 

With a good puzzle game, a child can learn about goal setting and patience. Even more, his problem-solving skill, memory, fine Motor Skill, gross Motor skill, and Hand-Eye Coordination will improve. Right now, there are special puzzles that can help kids do better in subjects like mathematics and help them become strategic thinkers.

Final note

Puzzles are great and can help kids develop faster. However, if you want your kids to think strategically and do well in subjects like math, you have to dig dipper, as a regular puzzle won’t do.

You may have to conduct an extensive research to narrow down unique puzzle games that can help your kid develop twice as fast.

Regardless of the one you eventually pick, if you want your child to get the most out of it, you shouldn’t interfere or help him out when he is playing with it. It is best you let him work on his own and take any path he wants to solve a puzzle.

Here are some puzzle games you can buy to help your child grow and develop.

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A Definitive Guide to Choosing The Best Game Puzzles For Your Kid

As the loving and caring parent that you are, you are ready to do whatever it takes to give your child a head start in life.

One way you can help your child do better physically, mentally, and academically is to buying him a puzzle game.

With a good puzzle game, your child will learn about patience, strategy, and goal setting. His leadership and social skills will improve as he shares with his friends about the puzzle game he is playing. Most importantly, he will be entertained. Some puzzle games are so engaging that kids can spend hours playing them without realizing it.

One challenge you may encounter as a parent is figuring out the best puzzle game for your kid. The current market is loaded with tons of children puzzle games and it may be difficult for you to choose among them.

The following article by Sandy Wallace unveils some puzzle games that are great for kids of all ages and dispositions.

11 Puzzle Games for Kids of All Ages and Dispositions

Puzzle games for kids teach patience, following directions and working to reach a goal. Puzzle games for kids have come a long way since the days of Hangman and Connect the Dots. Today’s games teach little ones concepts like strategy and reaching for goals. Read more here.

The above article will definitely broadened your insight and help you realize just how important puzzles games are, especially for little kids. The article also brought to light some great puzzle games for babies and toddlers like Bunny Peek-A-Boo, for quiet kids like, IQ steps and Clue, and for social kids, like Spot It and Connect 4. If you are looking for puzzle games that will stimulate your child’s brain, while keeping him entertained, the next article is for you.

The following article by Marwah sheds light on 12 mind-boggling games that will entertain and sharpen your child’s mind.

12 Mind-Boggling Brain Games To Activate Thinking In Kids

There are a variety of mind development games and activities that will keep them away from screens, help develop their thinking, all while keeping them entertained and their minds stimulated: brain games for boys and girls! Child’s play is an integral part of development. Children do not play just to entertain themselves. From the time they are born, they are constantly learning. Read more here.

You would likely know some twelve mind-boggling brain games that can improve your child’s creativity, problem-solving skill, comprehension, analytical thinking, critical thinking, and spatial awareness. The puzzle games listed in the article were handpicked by experts. Hence, you can be confident that those puzzle games can help improve your kid’s performance. Read the next article carefully if you are looking for the best of the best puzzle games on the market.

The following article by Juegostudio unveils some great games and puzzles for kids.

Top 10 Games & Puzzles for Kids

We are just now getting into playing games, and with Caden turning three on Christmas Eve we are very excited to start our collection of family games for kids! Here is our wish list of games and puzzles that I am hoping Caden will enjoy! Read more here.

The above article is surely going to make your search for a great puzzle game for your kid easier, as it lists some of the best puzzle games on the market. Before purchasing any of them, it is wise that you first do a little research to see if it will be suitable for your kid and will be able to help him become a better thinker.

Final note

The importance of puzzle games cannot be overemphasized, as numerous research and studies have shown just how critical they are to the mental and physical development of kids. 

Most parents will agree that picking a puzzle game is by no means an easy task, as there are different types of them on the market.

To increase the odds of you picking the right one, you have to give careful consideration to the needs of your kid.

Even more, you have to choose from the ones that have been tried and tested by experts.

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How Do You Prepare for Your Graduation Convocation Photoshoot?

The wish of every graduating student in Singapore is to have a smooth and hitch-free convocation ceremony. To do this, they go above and beyond in their efforts to make all necessary preparation way in advance. From renting their gown and making their hair, their efforts will pay off in the big day. Find out more about White Room Studio’s Convocation Photoshoot Packages that cater to solo and family portraits, to bring out the best side of you and commemorate this graduation milestone.

Once all these are ready, you should start preparing for your photo shoot. If you are clueless about this, you are going to benefit from this article as it unveils some important things you must do to ensure that your convocation photoshoot turns out great.

The following article by Macphersonstudio discusses basically everything you need to after picking a photoshoot package.


Family and graduation portrait photoshoot session. Call us at 98795173 for a booking session. Booking slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Preparing for the photoshoot.  Read more here.

  • It is recommended for your family to dress according to your family concept preference. You can dress up in formal wear like suits and dinner dresses or as informal like t-shirts and jeans. It is best to look coordinated in your portraits.
  • You can bring some simple props such as soft toys, hand bouquets, wigs .. etc.

The above article has definitely given you insights on how to do everything from booking a photoshoot session to preparing for the shoot. It also brings to light some things you should do during the photoshoot to ensure that all your pictures turn out great. If you haven’t found a good studio yet, you should read the next article, as it reviews one of the leading photography studios in Singapore.

The following article by Xinlinnn reviews one of the best photography studios in Singapore.


One of the questions your parents will bug you with, besides “Have you gotten a job?”, post-graduation is probably “Have you bought the family portrait package alr?”  / “When are we going to take the family portrait?” , and this is especially so if you’re the youngest in the family. I went through that exact same phase and tried to find reviews for photography studios but they were so limited and outdated!!! Read more here.

The above article is indeed an eye-opener and a must-read for every graduating student in Singapore. The article brought to light basically everything students should expect during their convocation photo shoot and how to look out for a suitable photo studio that caters to the style of the graduating student. Are you looking for a studio that specializes in taking premium quality family photos? If yes, then you should check out the next article.

The following article by Bestinsingapore unveils some of the best studios for family photography in Singapore.

Top 17 Studios for the Best Family Photography in Singapore

Taking family photos has always been a great way to celebrate the bond of the family or a milestone. So, it’d be nice to know the studios that offer the best family photography in Singapore. We went looking for the most accessible and talented photographers in the country for that purpose. Without further ado, here are the ones whose studios offer the best family photography in Singapore. Read more here.

You are surely now acquainted with some of the best studios for family photography in Singapore. Over the last couple of years, these studios have received tons of positive reviews from their customers. Since a lot of people have good things to say about the quality of their services, chances are, they know what they are doing.

Final note

To have a great convocation, you have to make all the necessary preparation way in advance. Granted, doing this may be difficult, but it will help ensure that your big day goes smoothly.

Even after choosing a convocation photoshoot package, it is still important that you prepare for your photo shoot. This may mean everything from booking a session and making payments to preparing your dress and gown.

If you can do all these, you will be able to capture a lot of beautiful moments on your big day.

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